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"Servus" from the alpine-ski school

A warm welcome from the Alpine Ski School and the Ski Rental Kaprun! 

You don't want to have to waste your well-earned vacation
time organizing things or having to wait a long time, do you?

Would you rather have everything to hand in
one place and receive a personalized service?


If so, we are the right partners for you!

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Central Location in Kapurn
  •  Beginners' training area and children's area situated directly at the ski school 
  •  only 1 minute walk from the cross country track 
  •  only 2 minutes walk from the nearest chairlift
  •  Auhof-inn is located next to the Children´s area "Kinderland" 
    where you can enjoy your coffee in comfort while your children practice 
  •  Ski lessons and snowboard lessons in small groups from 4 to a maximum of 8 peoplequality not quantity! 
  •  Private lessons with a high level of personal service!
  • "Böckis" children´s area for our little snow enthusiastics directly at the ski school with ski rental 
  •  Cross Country Ski School and Cross-Country Ski Rental as well as skating equipment – the only one in Kaprun!  
  • Ski and snowboard rental, cross country ski rental, snow shoe and snow bike rental, avalanche transceiver rental, helmet rental...
  • The only Ski Rental in Kaprun which can offer everything! 
  •  Guided ski tours and snow shoe hikes with a state-certified ski guide! 
  •  Shop and accessories

Exprience the variety of ways to make your dreams
come true in the winter landscape of Kaprun – Zell am See

We are teaching in:


  • Head of ski school
  • Holder of ski rental
  • State certified instructor
  • State certified ski guide

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Luftfeuchtigkeit: 88%
15 - 27
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9 - 16  | Helmut Schneider | 5710 | Augasse 5 | Kaprun Tel. +43 650 3160223 |  

Maresa Handl • Augasse 5 • 5710 Kaprun •